Momento Classic app for iPhone and iPad

4.7 ( 987 ratings )
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Developer: d3i Ltd
Current version: 2.9.7, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 23 Dec 2009
App size: 11.43 Mb

** Momento 3 is now available as brand new app — to download visit or search Momento on the App Store. **

This is the old version of Momento which is no longer maintained but is a required update for existing users to transfer their data to the all new Momento 3.

Momento Classic will be removed from the App Store soon.

Pros and cons of Momento Classic app for iPhone and iPad

Momento Classic app good for

This has been a nice app, but not as good as Day One which Ive been using for a while. I bought the new Momento 3 and I like it the best of the bunch so far. I really dont understand all the whining of having to fork over a few bucks to continue using an app youve been using and love. Since when is it a crime to get paid for work you do? Developers have to continually put time, money and resources into support and continued development of the apps that youd be lost without. Believe me, Ive been there where an app becomes abandonware because the developer just cant afford to continue to support it. Its a nightmare trying to find a replacement that you like as much. Technology changes, APIs change and users ask for new features. You want, want, want, but never want to pay for it. How is that fair? Quit whining and be thankful this developer cares enough to update the app. Paying again every once in a while is a good thing, not a bad one. It means the developer will continue to be there and improve your app. The only one whos greedy, is you.
Occasionally app developers do not know what made an original app better than the "new" one; different for the sake of difference is not necessarily better.
If it aint broke dont fix it. "Older" version more intuitive, cleaner graphics better experience. Hint: italic and bold. Thanks!
Love this app been using it for pictures for my dreams for my notes just for my thoughts everything that comes to mind throughout the day when I first wake up in the morning I just dont like it it needs to be able to have a thing on it to where you can put down your dreams and tap it instead of it having its time because people wake up at a certain time in and want to put their dreams down right then not when it tells you to because I need to write down them when Im ready to when I wake up right then or Ill forget it its something they need to fix other than that its great and I have to write down Dream: and then my dream whatever time it may be at 6:30 in the morning when it has it coming up at 8 AM so maybe thats something they can fix to where you can touch it on the screen when you open it up on that date other than that its a fabulous app to have I absolutely love it and pictures when you want to add him not to just add the times that they want to dad because you can be busy at that time
I like this app to record all my memories. I also use to record when I add chemicals to pool and what my wife wants for Christmas. I have it 4 stars because I am still waiting for the iPad version for when I have more to say and want to use it in conjunction with my Bluetooth keyboard. I also want it to be able to use Dropbox to enter info from any device.
This is great! I love the idea of being able to include so many extra things in my journal. This is now my everyday journal!!

Some bad moments

It seems that theres no way to add a new url rss! Disappointed with you people!
So youve slapped on the word "classic" and have stripped support making the new app a required update? Okay, well Im moving over to another developers journaling app ASAP.
My moment classic automatically shut down the moment i tap the new moments/record.
Why couldnt they offer the new version (which is not getting good reviews anyway) as an update for existing users and ask for cash from new buyers? Im not getting the new version out of principle. They shouldnt try to force their loyal customer base to buy a new version by cutting off support. Its shameful.
I updated and now my app crashes whenever I open it so I am forced to buy the new version. Horrible move by developers.
I had enjoyed the app as it suited the minor function I required of it. Now a brand new app- more money, of course- and an update letting us know it would be the final (in case we wished to purchase the newer one, it would assist in detection) and no more support for this app. How wonderfully convenient that the update now crashes the original version and I can no longer use it at all. Dirty move.